Is Anyone Else Getting Excited?

5 straight wins.  Three games gained in the standings.  Late rallies.  1-run victories.  Solid hitting, pitching, and bullpen (except Farnsworth. He’s still terrible).  A team enjoying themselves on the field.  High spirits.  I’m trying to hold back.  I keep reminding myself of the early June surge and the disappointment that followed.  But it’s getting harder and harder to think about that.  And easier and easier to think about how quickly the Boston deficit is shrinking.  And how Boston is showing no signs of creeping out of their below-.500 funk and the Yankees aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.  It’s getting hard to remain calm.  I’m getting excited, I have to admit.

Another huge win tonight secured by a couple of late-inning assaults.  It guarantees a series win over Toronto.  And given Toronto’s proximity to the Yankees in the race, it was an essential series win.  It’s their fourth consecutive series victory.  this is something that is made more impressive when you think about the fact that 3 of those 4 series(es) were 4-game sets.  The Yankees have won 11 of 14 and with Wang on the mound tomorrow, they have a great shot at winning 12 of 15.  Soon-to-be 3-time MVP Alex Rodriguez got everything the Yankees needed tonight with his 2-run double.  Just chalk that up to his already-impressive RBI scoresheet.  He’s now at 92 on the year, well on his way to around 150.

On a bad note, Johnny Damon continues to be useless.

Something else I’m excited for, and I partially have Jason to thank for bringing it up, is my upcoming trip to Minnesota and Pennsylvania/Maryland/New York.  In Minnesota, the Sister-in-Law will be giving birth shortly to the newest Yankee fan.  Following that momentous occasion, I will be travelling to Pittsburgh and then Baltimore for a bachelor party and then up to New York for a visit with the family (it’s been over 3 years since I’ve visited good old Western New York).  So how does J fit into this?  He expressed his preference for Sheetz food and made me hungry for the most delicious gas station food on the planet.  I plan to eat there a minimum of 5 times between landing in Pittsburgh August 10 and departing a week later.  I can’t wait.

Nephews. Sheetz. Yankee victories.  Wild card and division leader losses. I’m excited all the way around.


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