Yankees Surive Kung-Fu Assault

Hong Kong Phooey brought his A-Game today, but the Yankees were able to come back and win a must-win game.  Losing streaks longer than 2 games are not acceptable at least until the Yankees work their way closer in the playoff races.

Because Fox stinks, I couldn’t see the game.  Via gamecast I saw the Rays take a 2-0 lead and then Igawa load the bases in the third.  I decided to go to lunch and take the recycling and shop for bird seed and do almost anything but be near the Yankees.  I even left my phone at home.  Apparently it worked.  When I got back it was 2-2 and the Yankees were about to score 5 more led by Duncan’s homerun.

Farnsworth managed to not give up a run!  The sky is falling!!

Mo made it interesting.  I went to check the mail after he loaded the bases and when I came back, the game was over.  2 strikeouts for the greatest ever, and the Yankees win the opener of an incredibly dangerous double header.  I wish I had more to write, but I really have nothing else to say.

Prince of Pennsylvania tonight.  I remember once he pitched a great game and got a win.  Then he started to be terrible.  My fingers are crossed for DH sweep and putting us in position to win the series….but let’s start with tonight.

Refueling Chickens!


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