Refueling Chien-Ming Wang!

The Yankees are on another winning streak, having won their 4th straight last night against Kansas City.  A 9-2 win that wasn’t extremely pretty until the ninth inning when the Yankees put up a fiver to seal the deal.  Meanwhile, in Cleveland, two of the three other teams in the Yankee universe are playing one another.  As much as I hate to say it, I almost have to root for Boston in that series.  According to the Yankees mailbag article, Bryan Hoch says that the Yankees have about a 20% chance of winning the wild card and only a 5% chance of winning the division.  I’m tempted to think that their chances are actually higher than that, but it’s tough to argue with whatever mathematical magic is being used.  Of course, I have to believe that everytime the Yankees gain ground in the standings, the chances go up.  So if the Red Sox win 3 of 4 in Cleveland and the Yankees win 3 of 4 in Kansas City, the Yankees gain 2 games in the standings…that’s gotta be good for an extra 5%, right?

Back to the task at hand, the Yankees send Ace Chien-Ming Wang to the mound today. I have to believe that the team’s chances of winning are high with Wang on the mound.  I love it when he pitches.  Wang has lost just twice in his last 13 starts with an ERA of under 3.  Unfortunately for Wang, however, he has performed worse against Kansas City than any other team.  He’s made just 3 starts against the Royals and is 1-0, but he’s given up 12 runs in 18.2 innings, a 5.79 ERA.  In Kauffman Stadium, Wang has pitched only once and gave up 3 runs in 5.2 innings.  I’m not sure when that start was, though.  I fully expect him to have a strong start tonight.  The whole team is on such a role that I don’t think the number one starter will be the one to mess it up.  If he messed up roles, Wang wouldn’t be the ace of the staff.  No, Wang will pitch well tonight.  I feel a 5th straight win comig on.  I don’t make predictions often, but this is one I’m feeling.  Refueling Yankees!  Refueling Chien-Ming Wang!

Stay tuned, we’re gonna have a Popeye cartoon in a minute…


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